When we established Funds@Work over 14 years ago, we had a clear vision of a modular and networked asset management industry where specialisation would become increasingly important.

We were the first, and thus a pioneer, in setting up a dedicated strategy consulting company for the industry. In 2003, we added a particular focus on socially responsible investments next to our core activities in the conventional investment industry. Since then we have worked for numerous clients in this area, being convinced that ESG among investors and asset managers alike would increasingly gain in importance. In 2006 already, we won a State Street Award for financial journalism for an article which emphasized the need to include corporate governance and socially responsible investment criteria in institutional investors’ portfolio decisions. Our network analysis in the Islamic Finance space furthermore, Made in Germany, has set the global standard in this 1000 USD bn industry and contributed greatly to better governance and transparency.

We won twice the Mediterranean Presidential and Global Islamic Finance Award being chosen as the "Leading Advisory Group in the Mediterranean" and honoured for our commitment to "Principle, Innovation, and Quality". Our complementary focus on the conventional investment industry, socially responsible investments and know-how in Islamic Finance is indeed unique and helps us to better grasp the changes in the asset management industry as a whole globally. Among our clients are mainly asset management companies, fiduciary and portfolio managers, stock exchanges, technology and information providers, and other relevant entities in the asset management industry´s value chain. We focus on those that provide products, solutions and platforms for investors but also on institutions governing the industry. For our clients we represent a one-stop-shop drawing on a network of qualified partners to accommodate our customers´ needs across markets and functions. As part of our unparalleled market intelligence we cover over 15,500 institutional and semi-institutional investors across our core and strategic markets, i.e. those that use the products and services of our clients. Here we apply a model-based screening process, as well as (social) network analysis and visualization, in order to gain deep insights into market participants` needs, motivations and relationships, thus giving us a 360 degree perspective.

We use this deep and unparalleled knowledge about "our clients´ customers" to develop targeted strategies with our clients and carry them out in a holistic manner. Here we implement marketing, sales, and communication (Agenda Setting) related activities in an integrated way among the relevant target markets and groups and "build on solid data rather than gut feeling".

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