Social Network Analysis (SNA) Lab 2014 at our sister entity SONEAN

Our sister entity SONEAN's aim is to move its clients beyond financial and non-financial (ESG) data in order to spot risks and opportunities in a profoundly new way. It brings the social network perspective into clients`decision making processes and as a strategy consultant helps them to use network analytic insights in their investment related and organizational decisions. In order to create greater awareness, but more importantly identify future colleagues, SONEAN initiated the SNA Lab in 2013 to train young talented people in social network analysis and specifically its application to organizational phenomena. In May/June 2014 it welcomed its latest SNA Lab team. By ensuring that more people adopt a social network related perspective SONEAN can create greater awareness for SNA`s unique and complementary role. In ten years, social network related insights are going to form the third pillar/dimension and a standard source in decision making next to financial, and non-financial (ESG - Environmental, Social, and Governance criteria) criteria. SONEAN is already working on this today with its SNA Lab team members in line with its motto “Welcome Tomorrow”. With “SNA at Work” furthermore (initiated by Funds@Work already in 2012) we ensure that our application related insights and latest research is also spread among academic groups globally. SNA at Work is thus complementary to SONEAN's SNA Lab and brings together an esteemed team of researchers from across the world, from various continents, to regularly come together and share ideas and latest research but at the same time promote social network analysis and its application among bachelor, master, and doctoral students as well as executives. At you will find SONEAN's latest SNA Lab team which was formed in May/June 2014 complementing its existing team members and the core staff.

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