Our "Asset Owner / Investor" intelligence mainly profits from the following three complementary pillars:

1) The model based screening process based on publicly available sources,

2) Target group specific research, and

3) Ongoing interaction with institutional as well as semi-institutional investors but also multipliers (such as investment consultants) as part of our projects and involvement with the industry. Each of the pillars provides access to different kinds of insights.

Our model-based screening process e.g. is based entirely on secondary sources relying on publicly available information (over 1000 publications and resources) whereas the other two pillars are primary in their nature and require us to constantly research into the target groups and communicate with them. Each of those pillars contributes to our 360 degree view of "the clients of our clients" and assists us in better understanding their organisations, networks, processes and needs. We use those insights to develop strategies in a targeted and optimized manner and increase the quality of the implementation output.

This unique intelligence represents the backbone of our organization and provides us with unparalleled insights that other organisations lack, helping us also in anticipating future market trends much better. We also regularly communicate our views to the market by means of tailored and free reports or contributions to the media. What clearly sets us apart is the combination of techniques that we use in our research process, such as our proprietary screening model which we have been applying for the last 10 years, (social) network analysis as well as visualization of entire target markets (countries or ecosystems as we call them). Combining these techniques with different data sources helps us to achieve our 360 degree view of the investor and multiplier landscape. We develop those techniques constantly further based among others on our academic involvement and our practical experience.

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