For 10 years already, we have been investing a minimum of 400 man-hours per month in our model based screening which now covers over 13,000 market participants, especially asset owners, in our core and strategic markets.

The sources for our screening are over 1000 publications, hundreds of websites, and other relevant sources which are publicly available. This way we not only gain deep insights into the change processes in the market place but use the screening as one of our three major pillars to update our investor and market intelligence daily. Whenever there is a change or a relevant development among investor groups and multipliers, in any of the countries that we cover, we make sure that we adapt the respective information in our database and thus ensure that it is dynamcially and systematically adapted

We would like to use the example of a fund house (asset manager) in order to explain the functioning of the screening process. An asset manager´s strengths and weaknesses, available resources as well as goals and strategies (overall organisational factors) very much impact its competitiveness.

However its competitiveness can also be greatly affect by the competitive environment and the external environment in a positive or negative way. Therefore we screen developments among our clients´
existing competitors, multipliers, alternative product providers, future competitors, intermediaries as well as investors, as changes among those target groups in the competitive environment will greatly affect our clients´ success or failure. The "investors" category itself has up to 30 sub-categories depending on the individual markets.

We also screen however external factors that the client can hardly impact such as the legal or tax environment in specific countries which can considerably affect an organization´s fate. This model is also the basis for structuring our information flow as any development is categorized according to the model and linked to individual countries as well as the target groups such as investors. The arrow shows that the further you move from the inner circle to the outer one, the less the fund house can actually impact the appropriate factor. This way the model helps us top categorize news flows and add relevant insights to our 360 degree perspective.

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