Among our clients are mainly asset management companies, fiduciary and portfolio managers, stock exchanges, technology and information providers, and other relevant entities in the asset management industry´s value chain.

We focus on those that provide products, solutions and platforms for investors but also on institutions governing the industry. For our clients, we represent a one-stop-shop drawing on a network of qualified and complementary partners to accommodate our
customers´ needs across markets and functions. By knowing our clients´ target groups, such as investors and multipliers, far better than anyone else we can add substantial value to the strategy development process and also to the implementation of mutual activities and thus speed up time to market significantly. On the following pages we present you with 3 representative examples out of more than 200 projects that we have been involved in over the last 10 years in numerous jurisdictions across Europe and the Gulf Region.

A unique feature of our work is that we actively avoid conflicts of interest, therefore we do not consult organisations that are in direct competition with each other. This is not only in the best interest of our clients but also of potential ones. Above all it is necessary to underline our 'long term orientation'. It is also our philosophy to respect the anonymity of our clients and not to leverage our organization through highlighting our clients openly, which is why we do not reveal their names here.

This way we maintain their integrity and increase awareness of ourselves rather through solid services and word of mouth, innovative research as well as unique publications and presentations during leading industry events. Over the years we have changed greatly and developed an unparalleled market intelligence and methodologies which set us clearly apart from any other organizations in our industry.

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