Towards a More Sustainable Finance System - A Network Analytic Perspective

The financial industry should ‘connect the nodes’ in network analytic terms and build on the best of all worlds from conventional, ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) and Islamic finance investments to make the system more sustainable, stable and resilient. In this paper we present a network analytic framework for using the best of all worlds (from Islamic Finance, ESG and conventional investments) to contribute to a more sustainable financial system.
January 2013

Unpicking the ties that bind

This paper published in English in Superfunds (June 2012) and reprinted with permission of ASFA (the Australian Super Annuation Fund Association) is our most recent network analysis and its application to asset manager selection. It, among others, unveils the power of social ties, and location of asset owners over meritocracy in the Swiss pension industry. We hereby examine the broader issues this raises and implications for Australia’s pension funds industry
June 2012

Swiss Pension Funds and their provider network

This article appeared in Financial Times Asset Management’s publication SPN in January 2012 and is in German. It gives unique insights into the web of large Swiss pension funds an their asset managers. The data forms the basis for a more important publication in the Australian Super Annuation Fund Association`s magazine Superfunds (published June 2012) highlighting the role of social networks, and location of pension funds in selecting third party managers showing that this process is rather based on social network and social capital criteria undermining the role of meritocracy and objectivity in manager selection
December 2011

European investors exposure to Chinese private equity

This whitepaper was researched and written by Funds@Work in 2011 and consequently published and presented by Deutsche Börse and the law firm CMS Hasche Sigle in November 2011. It looks at European investors (including asset owners such as family offices) and their investments in Chinese private equity highlighting some very important findings
November 2011

The Small World of Islamic Finance

Our network analysis looking at Sharia Scholars and their exposure to over 400 financial service companies` shariah boards across the world has become the most cited source in Islamic Finance globally when it comes to Corporate Governance in the industry and the role of Sharia scholars. Based on this research we have won multiple Global Islamic Finance and Mediterranean Presidential Awards contributing to a unique level of transparency in the sector. It was cited and published in hundred thousands of sources across the world and represents the standard source
January 2011

The Importance of Socially Responsible Investments for Institutional Investors in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

This unique paper was devoted to applying network visualization to asset owners across the German speaking markets who were identified as “actively investing using ESG criteria” using a rigorous analytic process. Hereby we have highlighted the central providers within the ESG industry serving asset owners based on real mandates which institutional investors have given out and thus give unique insights into the competive landscape in this market
November 2011

Germany: Where churches lead, others can only follow

This article which appeared in IPE (Investments & Pensions Europe) gives detailed insights into our SRI (socially responsible investments) research and the leading role of church related investors in the German speaking markets when it comes to the adoption of SRI related approaches. It also is very critical about agricultural commodity investments by investors specifically when it is done speculatively and drives up prices for people around the world causing severe repercussions.
April 2011

Walk the Talk

We argue in this article that appeared in Investment & Pensions Europe (IPE) that genuine corporate social responsibility should go hand in hand with socially responsible investments. Companies work hard to be perceived as sustainable in order to be selected for investments by rating, research, and index providers or consultants focusing on SRI. But when you ask them whether they possess an active strategy to invest sustainably themselves, they typically answer in the negative.
October 2010

Sustainable Investors and their providers - Network Analysis Reloaded

In this cover page article that appeared in FT Asset Management`s DPN (German Pension News) we share deep insights into our 2010 SRI network analysis looking at the entire investor universe in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, visualizing socially responsible investors` provider networks and giving among others an overview about their investments.
October 2010

The Future of Investments - the US perspective

This cover story article based among others on numerous interviews in Boston with academics from MIT and Harvard Business School provides very interesting insights into the future of investments from the US perspective. 10 relevant headlines are presented in FT Pensions and Investment Group´s DPN that are worthwhile being considered by participants of the investment industry, especially by investors.
September 2009

The usage of ETFs by institutional investors

Based on numerous interviews with investors and investment/pension consultants as well as a thorough secondary analysis we have shed more transparency in the actual usage of ETFs by institutional investors. The article provides new and relevant insights which should be known to market particpants. This article was originally published in The Euromoney ETFs & Indices Handbook 2009. For further information, please visit:
April 2011

The Gulf prepares for a life without oil - EPN

In this latest European Pension News article we again focus on the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and provide insights into the ongoing developments.
January 2008

Zum Wachsen verdammt

In this recent cover-story article which appeared in FT Business´DPN (German Pension & Investment news) we describe together with the editor in chief Maik Rodewald on 8-pages the dynamics in the Gulf Region from an investor´s perspective.
December 2007

Know Your Family Office

The article deals with an important investor group, family offices. It is based on a comprehensive study by F&C Asset Management and WHU and the very interesting findings are enriched by individual interviews with family office representatives.
November 2006

Overlay-Ansatz mit dem Zeug zum Star am Nachhaltigkeitshimmel

Article in Portfolio Institutionell (5-pager) which deals with the role of corporate governance and sustainable investments for institutional investors. It very much focusses on engagement. The article won a State Street Award for Financial Journalism.
April 2006


Agenda Setting for Investment boutiques which today have become a standard in the investment scene
April 2006

Die modulare Zukunft der Fondsindustrie und die Bedeutung strategischer Allianzen im Vertrieb

The author Murat Ünal is the founder of Funds@Work AG. The basis for the business model and processes comes mainly from his academic work which has laid the foundation for the company´s success. His MBA-thesis dealt with the role of modularisation in the investment industry and its impact on differentiation, standards, and alternative forms of cooperation, i.e. strategic alliances.
April 2006

the master-KAG in German asset management

Norton Rose and Funds@Work are delighted to present you this joint briefing which is the result of two leading organizations sharing their expertise about the master-KAG in German asset management.
April 2006

Briefing: mutual fund industry

Norton Rose and Funds@Work are delighted to present you this unique briefing which is the result of two leading organizations sharing their expertise about the mutual fund industry in Germany and its future potential from a legal and strategic perspective. It deals with the modularisation of the asset management industry and its impact on existing structures highlighting among others the importance of unique process skills, and market intelligence.
April 2006

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