At Funds@Work we see ourselves as a one-stop shop for clients who search for a partner that is able to work for them across countries and in an integrated manner.

Having completed a solid strategy process and having a clear roadmap in mind, we know with our client which target groups and investors to ideally go after and which functions to cater for. Our aim is not to make the client dependent on our services but rather build up the individual structures in her/his organization. In this context we have established dozens of PR functions in organizations internationally, training people, providing them with unique insights on almost 1300 journalists that we cover across our core and target markets. By using strategic communication we put relevant topics on the agenda and work with our clients in increasing awareness through the media helping them to improve their sales activities.

Whether we engage in sales, marketing or PR (agenda setting related activities) we can always draw on our unique market intelligence and expertise in network analysis as well as diffusion strategies.

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